jueves, 3 de julio de 2008

May and April at Los Patojos 2008

The Magical Patojos:
Thanks to Victor, our professor of magic, we now have ten patojos who are magicians. Victor is a professional magician who has traveled the world, teaching magic and other useful knowledge to children. Los Patojos had the honor of having him with us for a month. Now, our little magicians are ready to perform and experiment with the marvelous world of magic. Thank you Victor for your patience and energy. We hope that you are ready for the next magical presentation that will be performed by our little magicians…..our patojos have performed incredible magical tricks, which have impressed and entertained kids, teenagers, and adults.

Friday Fiesta: Celebrating Block Day
Because we are free, because we are beautiful, and because we are the present and the future of our family, our community, and our world, we deserve to have a good fun party. Thank you to our patojos for your love, happiness and dreams….we use the day as a teaching tool to conserve and value the construction and remodeling of our school for los patojos.

Parents School
Second "Prevention" by Axel Romero (Government Minister)
Last Friday, more than 35 parents attended Parents' School. The subject was "Culture of Prevention," which was presented by Axel Romero of Sacatepéquez. It was another successful session; we continue integrating families with education and confidence.

First Los Patojos Disc: "Dreams and Ideas in Action"Sound Engineer: Alicia Jo Rabins
Music and Lyrics: Juan Pablo Romero Fuentes.
Alicia Jo Rabins is a professional musician, originally from New York. This woman plays the violin with passion and magic, and we thank her for helping make our dream a reality. We now have our first recorded disc for our patojos.

Our Songs:
1. Our Little Revolution
2. I want to
3. Los Patojos
4. So Many Children

*We will soon arrive at our final stage of the teenager project con las patojas of the Indigenous Institute of our Lady of Aid (IINSS), who are waiting for our first audiovisual presentation and our first educational documentary. The teenagers of Los Patojos are studying our society. Thank you friends for your support and trust, and for your part in our little revolution of love and education.

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