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September Newsletter!

September Newsletter, Los Patojos.
Ideas and dreams in action…

Dear friends, volunteers and sponsors of Los Patojos, it so nice for us to show all of you our September newsletter and a pleasure to inform about our activities and future projects that we will be having during the next months.

September: Month of Independence, ¿what indenpendence?
September at Los Patojos: The Frienship and volunteer month.

We would love to share with you our team, and say thank you to all the teachers and volunteers that are involved with the idea of LP.

Because of these people here can happen in our program, they are in charge of everything and the children education. Thank you team for being the best one in the world.

Guess what?

This month has been so successful; we finally have done with the construction of our Audiovisual and Lecture Room, The computer lab and The clinic.
The children now have their own space to study computer things and use internet to communicate with their friends around the world. They also are able to watch educational films, have fun, create circles of discussions, do research on line, write emails, etc…

These Rooms were a dream made true thanks to Builders Beyond Borders, SBORTY, Risingminds, Ingrid Jent and many other friends and volunteers that helped us to build them. We are ready now, finally. Thank you all.

¡The Parent School is a success!During this month, we also have been working with the beautiful group of parents at our Parents school, even in crazy raining days, the parents came to the sessions and participated in the process of family integration. We are so happy with this project, Linda de León has been in charge of it and she has done such an amazing job. Thank you Linda, Thank you to all the people that have come to our parent school and try everyday to have better families in a better community.

Thank you all for believing, thank you all for supporting, thank you all for being our friends.

Isaac and Los Fusionados did an amazing mural, promoting free expression, believing in ideas and coloring life with love and friendship.

Thank you to “Pa los Patojos” for the support to our kitchen, we are serving lunches to 65 children every day, nutritional and descent food for our shining stars, food is great and it’s been served in a free way and with love to the childrenThe kids are also showing their talents trough dances and also creating their own costumes, organizing their own performances and having fun, see, fun can happen when love and confidence is given to children trough creative education.

This is what we get here at LP.
Love, Food and Education.

It has been 8 months of learning, of construction, of challenges, of dreams, of actions, of children working for a better life, of creating new spaces for development, step by step, slowly like whistling a beautiful note, but strong and productive as the sunlight … We are making things better, not bigger… thank you all for believing in us.

We are now also working in some projects that will be happening during the last months of the year and next year.
1. The Children Festival (November)
2. The Youth Project (Oct-Nov-Dec)
3. The Women Project (Oct-Nov-Dec)
4. LP Vacation School (Oct-Nov-Dec)
5. English For Adults (Oct-Nov-Dec)
6. The Parents school (Oct-Nov-Dec)
7. The Sponsor program.

There are so many things to share with you our dear friends, we will keep you informed and also updated with our progress and activities. Thank you all the volunteers that have worked with us during this season, thank you, we hope you felt like home, we love you and always will keep you in our hearts. Our program is your program.

And this is just the beginning…
Thank you all.
Los Patojos crew.

For more than two years, Los Patojos has been supported and protected by two angels: Stephanie Wencl and Courtney Kcronin. These fantastic girls have created an organization based on love and trust: “Risingminds”.

Both of them have sacrificed their energy and time so our program can actually be running and creating opportunities for families, young people and children to get better lives for themselves and for others. Behind everything here, are them, my angels, our angels.

We are so thankfull to have Steph and Court, beautiful models of change, beautiful friends, beautiful people that work every day for a better world. Thank you, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your efforts and energy. Without you LP would be in a hard and different place. Thank you for keeping us safe.

Risingminds is a legal nonprofit that promotes love and gives hope to organizations like Los Patojos. It’s because of Risingminds that the financial support to run the program.

Visit our website and join us, help us, support us, so we can keep making things better, helping others to help themselves.

Thank you Steph and Court, my respect and love for both of you.


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