domingo, 28 de diciembre de 2008

Thank you all for this 2008!

Dear friends, Thank you all for making this year 2008, one of the most important and beautiful in our lives here at Los Patojos.

During this fantastic year we´ve had such wonderful experiences that made things better for our community. Since february, we started to rebuild the school, and now thanks to our special friends from BUILDERS BEYOND BORDERS B3 we have now a new and strong infrastructure. Thank you dear friends for making things real, for helping us to build OUR SCHOOL WITH TEARS AND SMILES...thank you Amy, Joe, Chris, Colleen, Jerry, all of the kids that shared their love and hope with us.

Many beautiful activities during this year, visits from all over the world, volunteers that have worked and changed our lives and theirs, thank you for trusting and for being among us as equals citizens of the world.

SBORTY, David and Jackie,
MAK er en solidaritetsorganisation
JOAN CLOS and the Cosell de Joventut from Viladrau, Cataluña.
Our friends from ZerosetBCN-Agència de Salut Pública de Barcelona.
Our friends from JWI Just World International, Jessica and Leonel, thank you!

Ingrid Jent and her family
, Thank you so much for the support and the confidence!

Special Thanks to ST. CHARLES OF BORROMEO SCHOOL AND ITS COMMUNITY, for providing with educational materials and tools during all this time, thank you Marguerite Keating for all the support, patience and hope you have given us!

Thank you friends, brothers, thank you for supporting LP and our projects, this is just the beginning of changes here in Jocotenango!

THANK YOU RISINGMINDS, we did it again, we also have changed for hope and love, again... because of you, many opportunities of work, development and dreams have become true and real. Thank you Stephanie Wencl, Courtney Kcronin for being our Guardian Angels! We love, need and respect you forever!

Thank you to all the people that are part of our revolution of love and hope, of education and respect, all of you, that are reading this email and the ones that are not in this letter, you know though, that you are everyday in our hearts and it is because of you, that LP is making things better, changing and beginning new ways change!

SOME PHOTOS 2008 (January-December)

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