domingo, 18 de enero de 2009

January 2,009! And here we go again!

Dear Los Patojos friends, volunteers, teachers, parents, and the world, we are so happy and proud to share with you all our first day of activities here at our program, this is a place where freedom and love are the most important values we promote.So happy to start our third year of changes, guatemalans for guatemalans, how nice is that? Thank you for believing in us, thank you for your support, thank you for the power of love and the great energy you share with Los Patojos. In the name of love, Los patojos exist.

Today, 98 children came so happy and full of hopes, three years ago were 3 children
now we almost have 103 and we are always thinking in the quality and making things better, not about the big things.

We have a beautiful guatemalan team jp, rafa, mauricio, linda, ana,liz, yessi, diego,
jessyca and gaby that also work with a fantastic group of volunteers from all around
the world, this year we started with people from germany, holland, the States, and Japan! We are so excited for this year 2009, full of projects, dreams and actions!

Thank you again to for making things easier and possible and all you friends that trough your trust and help make this happen!

and this is just the beginning!

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