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Los Patojos May/June Newsletter 2009

Greetings dear friends and family of LP, we are so happy to share with all of you some of the many activities we have done during these two months. We hope you are all doing great and living life with love and hope.

Courtney Kcronin, President of Risingminds,( ) partner of LP is and will be living with us not just in our land but in our hearts and souls. We would like to say special MUCHAS GRACIAS to her for her dedication in this mission, she has done so many important, solid and uniques things for LP.
Thank you Court for your advices, we feel blessed and lucky to have you in our lives. Stephanie Wencl, from Risingminds as well, was visiting us too generating smiles, supporting us with love and trust. LP CREW SAYS THANK YOU TO COURTNEY AND STEPH FOR EVERYTHING THEY DO. YOU BOTH ARE OUR ANGELS. LP would not be the same without you.

Ok, now lets go to the action: During these two months LA FIEBRE PORCINA affected the entire country and the world, schools were closed, kids were getting afraid and they were not being able to go or do almost anything in the streets, anyways, we decided to make a memorial photo!
Now that we have expressed what we feel and think about that huge problem, lets talk about work and life we do and live here at LP. Thanks to Profe. Fernando Ortíz, the kids were able to perform for the first time their own theater play, they so excited to work as a team, learn new things and the most important thing: they realized that through art they can also express what they can not say in public, they found confindence and they show themselves that they can do anything they believe and dream. We had our first cultural night, UNDER THE RAIN, we didnt care, they permormed with passion, that rainy night will always be in our hearts, it was the beginning, it was not an easy one. The Cultural Center has started, with a lot of parents learning to respect and love their kids, what a fantastic day that was... Casasito, is a really special organization that LP respects a lot in this country, our friends from Casasito have organized an amazing Music Festival, Chorus and songs of kids that help this world to be a better place! We were invited to participate in Casasitos festival selection, we got selected and LP free style chorus is so happy and motivated to be part of this fantastic oportunity, activities like these, are the ones that are needed in this country to promote friendship, respect and progress... thank you Casasito for your support and Congratulations. Alicia Jo Rabins and company, were also at the school playing beautiful music, thank you for coming and sharing life with us through your music, your spirit and energy! The activities in terms of education and kids-youth integration started in may and june, young students, guatemalan students are supporting LP a lot. The youth project started with an incredible team of leaders from (INVAL Instituto Normal Para Varones Antonio Larrazábal) every wednesday morning. Different High Schools also did their social projects with us, LICEO ROSALES SCHOOL painted classrooms and the bathroom of the program, CASA CENTRAL painted all the school desks and donated 4 beautiful wooden bookshelves for the classrooms, LA TOSCANA painted the clinic and helped us to find medical supplies, we also built the clinic door (Clinic will be functioning at the end of this month) check some photos out... WE HAVE THE STAGE ROOF! Thank you Brianne Link and Just World International! THE COOKING CLASS for the children just started, the children will learn how to cook different food, it is fun and new for most of the children, we like this project a lot, teachers, volunteers, the cook and the children are and will have such a great time working together and learning something useful in life! EL DIA DEL BAILE Y LA ALEGRIA a day where we just dance and have fun, and the Cultural Center with its projects is working really good, the children come every saturday to the workshops, our AUDIOVISUAL team is working already in our firs animated movie, wait until its done, it will be fantastic, the girls specially are so interested in THE KNITTING WORKSHOP by Seño Vero, so beautiful to see how this group get together and share about life, ideas and future knitting projects. For the moment, we are working with Music-Chorus, Audivisual, Knitting projects. Soon: Reclying and Biding, Theater. Lisa Greyson (nuestra hermana) did a fantastic mural with the help of beaufitul volunteers and children, Thank you so much for sharing your art with LP. Siempre en la lucha Lisa!!!

Welcome Ervin López, our brother and new volunteer coordinator for the months of july, august and september!

A VERY SPECIAL THANK YOU TO our dear and beloved friend ELENITA PENZETA for organizing with her friends an activity, a special concert in the name of INGRID GONZALEZ, our heroe, Ingrid will have her medicines and ingrids family will be able to start a small business so they can work together and have a better life, Thank you Elena and friends for doing this, with the donation, things can be better for our dear Ingrid, Gracias Elena, gracias por pintarle una sonrisa al sol!


Juan Pablo Romero Fuentes.
Los Patojos.

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