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Thank you very much for all your love, support and trust.
Sueños e ideas en acción.
December 29th, 2009

Dear friends and Los Patojos Supporters:
Another year has passed and we are so lucky to have you all with us, believing and making the difference. So many beautiful actions and projects have begun like the clinic, the school kitchen, the cultural center, the women cooperative and the most recent events: The foundation of the second LP project, where young minds and teenagers can be treated with love, patience and lots of emotional support. Another beautiful challenge to go trough, with hope and hard work; and the 3rd. Children-Youth Cultural Festival which was a unique expericience full of urban art, movie making, culture and and Urban Dance. Families came together and more than 160 people attended to our Festival during the final presentation.
(The Doctor is giving a lecture to the parents about the nutrition and health situation of Los Patojos students.)

(Los Patojos at the School Kitchen, "Comedor de Los Patojos and JWI")

(LP Audiovisual team working on the second part of their animated movie, II Part coming soon)
(The Women Cooperative working on their products, beautiful handmade and recycled notebooks)

LP NEW CENTER FOR THE YOUTH, LETS MAKE THIS HAPPEN!Final Presentation during the 3rd. Children and Youth Festival by FUGA, a modern and urban dance collective from Guatemala city.

During the last three months we worked very hard so the projects that we have been thinking and planning to develop for long terms can actually be a reality, now our community has the chance to participate in a free, positive and productive way. We are making the difference here. The children in this part of the world also have had during more than three years a place called Los Patojos-Risingminds where they all can express and learn about life and the options we all have in a just and fair way, thinking in a critical way, making sure to understand the present in order to get a better future.
for more information about volunteering go to

Seño Yessi and Las Estrellitas.Music classes given by volunteers.

Glendy and Grace from Rebeldes Con Causa in a cooking class, baking cookies!


Courtney Ckronin and Stephanie Wencl from have always supported Los Patojos with love, a lot of work, personal sacrifices and confidence. Thank you our dear angels for doing what you do for these children, for this community, for this country. Rising Minds has created a beautiful Volunteering Project that now allows Guatemala and the world to understand and learn from each others trough the participation of volunteers that come and generate their own projects and share with us their dreams and passions about life. Risingminds is helping people to generate social awereness and friendship, respect and peace. Thank you Courtney for your dedication and your deep love for Los Patojos, you have created a solid multicultural project that is benefiting Los Patojos and Volunteers around the world.
Thank you Rising Minds Crew for making this possible, for believing in a better world.
Courtney Ckronin.

Stephanie Wencl

Jessica Newman and Juan Andres Rodríguez, with all the embassadors from Just World International, specially Brianne Link who has been supporting our Scholarship Project for two years now, JWI have also been a very important part of Los Patojos in the develop of the new projects. Now we are jumping for a Just World together with hope and with more energy. We would also like to thank you for renewing our website which will be ready very soon (updated site).

Juan Andrés Rodriguez with Grace, JWI Embassador and our guatemalan supporter!
Kids dancing on the stage with roof and lights that was built thanks to the efforts of Brianne Link and JWI.

Kathrin Dommel, Director and Founder of Volamos Juntos, Germany. has also been a very important part in our team, VJ is supporting Los Patojos with the Youth Project, Thank you so much Katy for sharing your dreams with us and helping our kids to get a better education and a safe place so they can express their ideas in a free and respectful way. Thank for supporting The Women Cooperative and for promoting their work in Germany too. Thank you so much to Volamos Juntos Crew.
Kathrin Dommel, Director of Volamos Juntos in Germany.

Mauricio and his students from the Urban Art Workshop.

Ingrid Jent and the GK Foundation, Thank you so much for supporting LP october budget for the last three years. You are very special friends and you will always be part of our lives and stay in our hearts. Thank you so much for believing.

The kids playing, Martin and Angel, having fun and being free!

To all our friends that have supported in so many ways, Marguerite Keating, Ada Ketchie, Rainbow Café, Cooperatur, Spanish Travelling School, Casasito, Justin Young, Jackie Rotman, Evelin Rubio, Lori Gosselin, Carmen Muñoz, Myra de Wyldt, Kyla Gallager, Ervin López, Lisa, Joan, José, Lorena, Erica, Pauline, Regina Fuchs, Joan Clos, Alba la pintura y la doctora, Allison, etc... Wow so many names that i will not have enough time to write all of them but you all know who i am talking about, to all the volunteers that have come and are part of us, that every day think about Los Patojos, Thank you so much, we are all the result of your love and trust.

Corina and Lorena.

We are blessed to have such wonderful and beautiful people with us everyday helping in every possible way so this dream can be real and these children can grow up safe and healthy.

In the name of Los Patojos crew, the 130 children, our 70 families and our beautiful teenager group, I would love to say MUCHAS GRACIAS DE TODO CORAZÓN, thank you so much from the bottom of my heart.

We wish you only the best, and remember that together we can make this world a better place... Enjoy the festivities.

Juan Pablo Romero Fuentes.
Acción Local, pensamiento global, sueños e ideas en acción.

Siempre en la lucha!
(Since Septiembre 2006-Diciembre 2009)
Getting ready for 2010.

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