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LOS PATOJOS 2010 NEWSLETTER (Six months of action)

Dear friends and LP supporters, six months have passed already in this beautiful and challenging year of 2010. It is time for us to share with all of you, everything that our program has reached since january until june.

Organizations like Just World International, Risingminds, Volamos Juntos and Casasito believe and have been supporting us in a strong way, helping LP to make the projects real so the children, the youth and the families can have access to the services we are offering to the community. Thank you very much for the support.

JWI crew, Jessica Newman, Brianne Link and Juan Andrés Rodríguez made the next projects happen:

Scholarships and scholar packages.
More than 90 children and 10 young students were able to go to school this year with scholarships in books and computer classes, english and also with their school supplies so they can finish the year and study with no problems.

Los Patojos Salaries
The team budget (salaries) this year is covered by JWI, there will not be los patojos without this incredible team that LP has. JWI and LP are creating jobs and opportunities to have a better life here in the community, this team is in charge of our children education and run the projects that LP program has. Teachers, cooks, doctors, music teachers and artists are included in this budget.

The medical Clinic and the doctor salary.
The clinic is working 2 days per week and attending more than 20 patients per day, helping the families with their medical needs, because of this clinic and the wonderful work of our doctor, children are now safe and having medical control frequently. Leyton, our kid with kidney mal function is getting his treatment at the clinic and all the support from volunteers around the world to buy his medicines every week.

JustWorld Ambassador Angela Lawrence adopted the medical doctors salary for one year which allows the doctor to treat the kids 2 days every week. Thank you so much for supporting our clinic!

The kitchen and the cooks salaries.
Between 90-100 plates of food are cooked everyday at LP kitchen, feeding the students that need a balanced nutrition and have the right to eat in a healthy way. JWI funds this project completely with the salaries and the maintenance of the kitchen.

Another JWI Ambassador Halie Robinson believes in LP and raised funds for our community kitchen, Thank you Halie for your love and support, thank you for helping our kitchen, cooks and kids to have all the things we need.

Another organisation that helps every month LP kitchen is Casasito, providing supplies so we can feed more kids and run all the extra activities the feeding project has. Thank you so much Seño Alice and crew, you are a very special person, friend and social leader.

Volamos Juntos directed by Kathrin Dommel has supported the rent of the second project in los patojos, The youth project that works with 25 young minds with education, team work, critical thinking, art and social activism. thank you VJ.

Los Patojos is a dream in action, we promote the positive side of our community, we empower our kids talents and provide them spaces with tools that help them to learn, grow and to be responsible people. The volunteers have a very important role in our processes and these six months we have had fantastic volunteers that brought energy and love, hope and more ideas to our program, like the CIRMA crew, Karsten from germany, Vanessa and Irene that are working hard in their organisation to be partners with LP, Victoria, Calvin "Kanutzen", our beautiful friends from Orange County Hillel Justin Young and Ami Kurzweil, Profe. Ervin from Chicago, Sharon González that supports Leyton with his medicine... and so many other beloved volunteers that have being and are part or our family: THANK YOU.


LP has created a team of 12 health advocates (mothers and young students) that are coordinated by two doctors and supported by our team. Topics like: HIV, kidney diseases, skin diseases, lung and breathing problems, nutritional aspects in the family and social issues.

LP is part of a group of young thinkers called Divergencia Colectiva. We are all trying to discuss and understand our country different realities so we can all find solutions or organize more projects.

THE ENGLISH SCHOOL (German and Italian too)
50 Students from 17-50 years old, attend every wednesday to study english at 7:00 p.m., the project is divided in four groups and the teachers are volunteers.

we also had GERMAN CLASSES with Karsten, this month we started ITALIAN CLASSES with Valeria every tuesday also at the same time.

Linda de León is in charge of our cooperative, mothers working together creating and making notebooks with recicled materials, a project that helps them to get some extra funds and keeps them happy, sharing and gettin stronger as women, mothers and active members in the commmunity.

Art, heals society, sets it free!
Music project
Art project
Cine and audiovisual project
Circus and juggling project.

with the support of profe. Selvyn Suruy, more than twenty children (boys and girls) have learned the art of juggling and circus. We now are proud to share with you that LP has a circus and juggling team of kids that are giving this community a different touch of sense, this team is recovering the streets and giving them a differente meaning.

We also started our BREAK DANCE PROJECT under the name of LOS PATOJOS CREW DANCERS, boys and girls dancing in a free, happy and creative way.

Every three months, the Cultural team perfoms in front of 200 people and share with them their talents and the results of their hard work, these nights are the result of what we work every day and every saturday morning.

we now have one of the best and creatives libraries in the community. The children have access to so many different books, and their reading habilities are improving, getting to a point that the children themselves take books to their houses and read, instead of watching tv or stay in the streets, THEY READ!!!!

Also with the support of CHILD AID, this year we got packages of different books, more than 100 books in math, poetry, stories and science for the benefit of the reading project.

And of course, thank you so much to our guatemalan donors during the horse show at el cortijo, thank you for your support, we felt your love and your trust, we all together can make our country a better place for everybody. Thank you.

MORE GOOD NEWS: this month, los patojos will be getting registred and becoming legal, we are excited, it has been more than three years, but now we are almost done with this process.

THANK YOU for reading and supporting Los Patojos

Juan Pablo Romero Fuentes
LP Executive Director.

Sueños e ideas en acción.


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